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The Temple of Asclepius

The Temple of Asclepius

The Temple of Asclepius

Directly opposite from Stratos Studios and Apartments, on the hillside of Agia Anna, lie the ruins of the Temple of Asclepius – known as “Asklepieion”. This monument, dedicated to Asclepius, the ancient God of Medicine, dates from the late classical period of ancient Greece (the 4th century BC).

The temple was built next to a water fountain -an important element in the religious rituals associated with the worshiping of Asclepius, the God of healing. The temple consisted of a rectangular building built in the Doric style with arcades on either side, a central altar, two semicircular platforms and two marble fountains built close to the water spring. This is where an intact Kouros, nowadays displayed in the Louvre, was found. A number of marble statuettes that were presented as offerings to Asclepius have also been discovered in the area.

During the excavations that were carried out in this archaeological site, a marble relief dating from the archaic period was also discovered. Two figures are depicted on this marble block. On the front of the piece of marble we see a seated figure, probably Apollo, whose long, flowing hair is touching the back of the seat.

The second, female, figure depicted on the side of the block is seen holding a bow. This is most likely Artemis, the Goddess of hunting. This relief, one of the earliest pieces of Parian sculpture, on display in the archaeological museum of Paros, signaled a flourishing of artistic activity on the island and a booming trade in marble.

Not much of the original structure survives today but scattered all around the site are segments of Doric columns carved from the pure white Parian marble that Paros was famous for. In the same area there are also remnants of another temple, that of Pythiean Apollo.

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